Washington DC Photo Gallery: Washington Monument
June 2000 & May 2003

A private society began construction of the monument in 1848. Due to a number of political factors, construction halted in 1854. Construction did not resume until 1880, by which time the federal government had assumed full responsibility for the monument. The capstone of the obelisk was finally placed on December 6, 1884, completing the 555-foot monument. The monument was finally dedicated in February of 1885, one day before the anniversary of Washington's birth. However, the last of the finish work on the monument was not completed for another three years. The Washington Monument was officially opened to the public on October 9, 1888.

When looking at the monument, a slightly darker coloring can be seen starting about a third of the way up. This marks the boundary between the earlier and later construction phases. This is a result of the fact that, when construction resumed, workers were unable to make a perfect color match of the older and newer marble.

The first and fourth photos were taken in May 2003, the second and third were taken in June 2000.

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The Washington Monument as seen from the west side of the Tidal Basin (facing northeast), at the FDR Memorial.

The Washington Monument as seen from the west end of the National Mall (facing east), just across the street from the Lincoln Memorial. The Capitol can be seen in the background.

The Washington Monument as seen from the east end of the National Mall (facing west), on the steps of the Capitol. The Lincoln Memorial can be seen directly behind the monument.

The Washington Monument as seen from the Jefferson Memorial (facing north). The White House can be seen to the left.