Washington DC Photo Albums

These are a series of photo albums from my trips to Washington, DC. These are all photos I took during two visits I made to Washington DC in June of 2000 and May of 2003.

These albums represent many, but not all, of the sites that I visited during these two trips. There are some sites for which I have no pictures due to the fact that photography isn't allowed, or just didn't seem appropriate, such as the National Gallery of Art and the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Links have been provided to their websites, as a substitute.

Yes, I do realize that I don't have any pictures of the National Air & Space Museum. I had pictures of the NASM from my 2000 trip, but I can't find them.

I have created a seperate album for each site represented here. I have noted in each album on which trip the photos were taken.


      - Jim

This photo album last updated:  June 27, 2011